Folding car, which is placed in a passenger elevator created in Israel

Folding car, which is placed in a passenger elevator created in Israel

August 26, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Modern cars increasingly resemble decorations from box office blockbusters about the future. Cars not only find their own way home, but also transform themselves depending on the situation. So, in Israel they presented a folding car, which can “shrink” to an incredibly compact size.

The smaller the car, the more convenient it is to ride it through the streets of large metropolises. Close roads, an eternal shortage of parking spaces – with these and other problems of modern cities mini-vehicles are successfully fighting. However, in the pursuit of comfort and free space, engineering thought reached the point where folding machines began to appear.

So, a few years ago in South Korea introduced a concept car, which can reduce its size from 2.8 meters to 1.65 meters. On a standard parking space (just over 5 meters) can easily fit just three such cars.

And recently at the exhibition “Innovative Week” in Tel Aviv they showed a folding electric car, which fit in a passenger elevator with a width of no more than 1.2 meters. The unusual two-seater weighs only 450 kilograms, and the maximum speed to which this “transformer” can be dispersed is 90 km / h. In the folded state, the width of the machine does not exceed one meter! The wheelbase of the revolutionary car is decomposed with just one button.

The developers of the “unfolding” electric car on the achieved do not intend to stop. Based on this model, experts intend to create a drone.

Recall, previously reported that the Swiss students have created a hybrid eletrocar, scooter and bicycle. Unusual three-wheeled car has received a single salon and a memorable name Bicar.