Flying taxi makes first flight over Seoul

Flying taxi makes first flight over Seoul

November 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The two-seater drone taxi flew almost two kilometers over the center of Seoul, but without people in the cab

In the capital of South Korea began testing flying taxis, which are part of the government’s plan to introduce urban air transport. A two-seater Chinese vehicle EHang, equipped with an autopilot, rose into the skies over Seoul.

During the tests, a flying taxi, which is driven by eight propellers, took off 50 meters above sea level and flew 1.8 kilometers over the central regions of the metropolis. The entire flight took about seven minutes, according to The Korea Herald.

There were no test pilots in the EHang cockpit – the car was controlled by the K-drone system, created by South Korean engineers. K-drone is able to set the trajectory of several vehicles simultaneously. Its creators have demonstrated its capabilities on tests – the system successfully coped with the management of taxis and mail drones.

Korean companies Hyundai Motor and Hanwha Systems showed their developments in the field of flying transport. The latter presented the Butterfly, a personal air vehicle developed in collaboration with the American firm Overair. So far, only the layout is ready: a real aircraft will be three times larger and will receive an environmentally friendly and quiet electric motor.

Hyundai has also shown a 1: 3 scale model it is working on with Uber Technologies to create. The company promises to present a working sample, which can accommodate eight people, within two years. The first deliveries to the market are scheduled for 2028.

Last week, the Slovak company Klein Vision showed in a video the first flight of a flying personal car AirCar equipped with two folding wings. The process of transforming a car from ground to air transport is fully automated – the driver does not even need to leave the cab.