Flying motorcycle Jetpack Aviation Speeder for 380 000 dollars

Flying motorcycle Jetpack Aviation Speeder for 380 000 dollars

March 7, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Many auto companies seek to lift their vehicles into the air. But motorcycle manufacturers are not far behind. If you have money (and a little faith), then you can invest it in a flying motorcycle, writes the foreign edition of Rideapart. But is it possible to call a motorcycle something that has no wheels?

Now the company from Los Angeles Jetpack Aviation accepts deposits for the manufacture of Speeder for personal use. In total, they will be released no more than 20 copies. The rest will be built for government and military organizations. The flying motorcycle runs on diesel, kerosene or jet fuel. The movement is driven by a turbojet engine. This is a pleasant moment, as there are other propeller hoverbikes, similar to a giant blender.

“Speeders” develop a maximum speed of 225 km / h, designed to fly to a height of more than 4.5 km (although the pilot will have problems with breathing) and have a twenty-minute flight range. They are equipped with a collision avoidance system, electronic stability control and weigh 105 kg without a driver. Load capacity – up to 110 kg.

 This miracle of technology is classified as an ultralight or experimental aircraft, so its management will require an appropriate license.

 However, if you go to the manufacturer’s website, you will understand that all the images and videos below are the computer version of the product. You will not find real photos of the finished flying motorcycle, and no video recordings of test rides. Therefore, if you are rich enough to invest a little money on the development of the project and later be able to feel like a hero of some fantastic books or films – you can do it. But again, besides the money you need a little (a lot) of faith.

Earlier, another company – Lazareth – presented more lively evidence of its creation, the flying LM 847.