Flying deer over the car! The driver is lucky

Flying deer over the car! The driver is lucky

November 25, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The driver and the passenger of the car, who was suddenly decided to compete with a powerful and noble animal, experienced a few alarming minutes.

It happened in Poland. The driver and the passenger noticed that a deer appeared next to the car. For some time he ran in the same direction, as if intending to overtake, then still overtook, triumphantly jumped over the car and went about his business. You can imagine the shock people experienced!

And yet they are very lucky that in competition with the car won a deer. Otherwise, the consequences could be unpredictable. Unfortunately, accidents with wild animals occur in Poland quite often, especially on rural roads that are routed through fields and forests.

The total width of local roads in Poland is usually 7 meters (one lane 3.5 meters each way). As you can see, the deer easily overcame such a distance. Or maybe this is just a fabulous Rudolph hurry for Christmas?

Deer can be found all over Poland, and the largest damage to the country’s agriculture is caused by powerful males living in numerous populations. According to Polish law, hunting clubs that rent these lands are obliged to compensate for such damage.