Florida firm creates kit to convert BMW R nineT into rare bike from the 1930s

Florida firm creates kit to convert BMW R nineT into rare bike from the 1930s

September 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

It can be used to achieve similarities with the unique 1934 BMW R7. It was released as a single copy as a concept and was never produced. For its time, this prototype was quite breakthrough.

The Bavarian BMW R nineT came on the market six years ago. During this time, the model managed to become a cult among fans of motorcycle customization. One of the curious projects comes from Nmoto, which introduced a special kit called the Nmoto R sevenT for the BMW R nineT.

With its help, you can radically change the appearance of the bike, giving it a resemblance to the 1934 BMW R7 prototype. Recall that in the arsenal of Nmoto there is already a copy of the mystical prototype R7, presented two years ago. It was also based on the R nineT. True, such a set of fabulous money cost – 89,500 dollars. The new “reincarnation” of the BMW R7 is priced much cheaper – at least $ 6,950.

To install a kit on a motorcycle, the owner must have some knowledge of this area.

At the same time, no professional subtleties are required: the installation does without factory manipulations and chassis changes. The entire work comes down to removing most of the R nineT’s body and replacing those parts with an Nmoto kit.

According to Robb Report, the company is offering its customers a new fuel tank, fuel pump, hoses and filter, front and rear wheel fenders and brackets, a new taillight as well as a headlamp, direction indicators, steering wheel cover and more. At the same time, they did not touch all the fundamental components – the converted motorcycle has its “native” suspension, chassis, engine, brakes, wheels and seat.

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