Flexible car screen introduced

Flexible car screen introduced

January 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Visteon, the largest supplier of automotive equipment of the first level at CES 2020, showed a dashboard display screen that can go around the driver like a cab in sports mode, and later again take an even shape for more relaxed movement.

Two technological drivers that allow this concept to work are the patented hinge design, which makes it possible to rotate the assembly along a given path without tensioning the lens material, as well as the lens material itself, which is very thin and very durable. The glass is quite scratch resistant, thin enough to bend without damage, and is reported to have toughness to meet the safety requirements of a collision upon a head bump.

This flexible design with a rotating screen supports several automotive display technologies, including the new one presented at CES 2020. Visteon uses a modified two-cell liquid crystal display (LCD). The LCD display boasts a great track record in the automotive industry, but since it should have a backlight, the black colors displayed on it are usually not as black as on the OLED screen.

The uZone’s many small shutters ensure that black areas are black and colors can be displayed with the brightness that consumers expect from their home TV screens. The nominal contrast ratio is an impressive 84,000: 1, the resolution of the screens on the demo panel was 2400×900 for the driver information display and 1888×1728 for the center screen, and Visteon assures that the overall optical quality of these screens far exceeds the capabilities of other LCD screens at a price tag “much lower than can be implemented OLED. “

You need to understand that working with such shutters is an additional problem for video processing software. The chip on each display divides the incoming video stream into two parts and applies a meticulously designed image signal processing algorithm to the path controlling the uZone dampers.