Fisker unveils off-road version of its eclectic SUV Ocean

Fisker unveils off-road version of its eclectic SUV Ocean

May 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The American brand has published renderings that show the Fisker Ocean electric SUV in a version that further prepares the electric car to overcome off-road conditions.

The upcoming Fisker Ocean SUV demonstrates the brand’s idea of ​​a complete all-electric off-road SUV. A couple of minutes ago, new renderings of the novelty were published.

Fisker is a California-based car manufacturer that seeks to create low-cost electric cars that offer impressive performance. Their new Ocean model promises to be one of the most affordable electric SUVs on the market, while showing impressive off-road capabilities.

  Fisker Ocean should become a real SUV with a frame body structure.

Published Fisker Ocean renders look promising. There is nothing cooler than an SUV with high ground clearance and massive off-road tires, an additional roof rack, as well as LED light panels.

There is another important aspect for the company’s engineers. In the world of electric vehicles, range is a very important indicator. And SUVs have a very large total weight, in addition, usually the bodies of such vehicles themselves do not have good aerodynamic efficiency (that is, the car needs more power to overcome the flows of oncoming air), which naturally affects the overall power reserve. According to the assurances of the automaker, the electric SUV will be able to offer a range of 482.8 km.