Fisker published a teaser for his electric SUV Electric crossover

Fisker published a teaser for his electric SUV Electric crossover

June 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The press service of the company Fisker has published several teasers for the electric crossover. The official presentation of the novelty will take place at the end of this year, the start of sales is scheduled for the second half of 2021.

When you think of an American-born electric crossover, Tesla Model X comes to mind, but Fisker is trying to change the current order of things by presenting its own electrocross. He has already been shown on social networks several times before the December debut, and now Henrik Fisker himself has posted a post on the Facebook page that contains information about the long-awaited new product.

Compared to the previous teasers focused on the front panel of the electric crossover, we can now look at the side profile, where the first thing you will probably notice is a turn signal embedded in the D-rack.

It goes without saying that the electric SUV will still have turn indicators in its usual place, but Mr. Fisker explains that this extra set will come in handy when changing lanes, better showing the drivers behind your vehicle of intent to change lanes.

The new teaser is also a good opportunity to check the presence of retractable door handles, which seem to have an illuminated strip to make them more visible after sunset. The lap line is also interesting, as it gradually rises from the middle of the tailgate until it touches the central bar, while the interior looks simply huge thanks to the quarter glass, which lets in more light inside.

We can also notice the large arches of the rear wheels (22-inch alloys will be optional) and thin LED strip rear lights. A relatively small sunroof is visible, as well as a rear spoiler with a third brake light, as well as aero elements on the sides of the rear window.

Images of the salon are currently unavailable, but Fisker promises “a very spacious and technological interior” with high-quality materials and a large display.