Fisker is working on an affordable electric vehicle

Fisker is working on an affordable electric vehicle

April 3, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Fisker electric vehicle

It is assumed that the novelty will receive advanced solid-state batteries.

Even before the release of the top electric model Fisker EMotion, whose price range is 130 – 190 thousand dollars, the head of the company Henrik Fisker mentioned plans to design a more affordable electric vehicle. His plans have not changed, which he told the British edition of Autocar, and also reported an indicative price tag – $ 40,000.

Fisker said nothing about the type of body – a sedan it would be, a hatchback, a crossover or a pickup truck, but noted the importance of giving the consumer options. In the Fisker product line, the future novelty can become the third model after the aforementioned flagship EMotion and Orbit shuttle, whose debut is scheduled for the fall.

The success of Fisker models can be provided by solid-state accumulators, work on which is conducted by many companies around the world, including Fisker together with Nanotech Energy. Such batteries should have already been equipped with EMotion, but he, nevertheless, will get standard lithium LG Chem of 21700 format with a capacity of 145 kWh. The assembly of the model should begin next year.

Fisker claims that the Fisker EMotion prototype with solid-state batteries will be built in 2019. In addition, Orbit around this time will be tested with a similar battery. The serial model is expected in 2020. By the way, the company plans to sell solid-state accumulator blocks to electronics manufacturers.

Recall, Fisker EMotion made its debut earlier this year as part of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The length of the electric vehicle is 5 085 mm, and the wheelbase is 3018.5 mm. The machine is equipped with a 782-strong power plant, which accelerates from zero to 96 km / h in less than three seconds and to a maximum speed of 257 km / h. The power reserve exceeds 644 km.