First impressions of the electric concept Mercedes Vision EQS

First impressions of the electric concept Mercedes Vision EQS

January 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Often, the automaker allows media representatives to “ride” on a previously presented concept car, therefore, when the guys from Mercedes suggested that foreign journalists replicate a test drive of the S-class electric analogue, they gladly accepted the invitation.

 Presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show last September, the Mercedes Vision EQS concept car is a “preview” of what an all-electric S-Class executive sedan will be like.

The snow-white interior of the Vision EQS Concept with blue LED accents is really impressive. According to representatives of the automaker, the concept is not intended to show us what the production version of a representative electric car will look like, but to show a new design style for all future electric cars of the brand.

 It was separately noted that the electric car has a more spacious passenger compartment than the usual Mercedes S-class. The serial version of the EQS concept will not receive exactly the same size.

The Concept Vision EQS did not have door handles – doors open remotely. Preparatory door handles are on the same level with the car and open when the driver approaches the car, just like the American Tesla Model S sedan. The concept also includes side cameras that have been replaced with conventional side mirrors on the EQS prototype.

 Appearance Mercedes Vision EQS created using the new design style of the company, which was called One Bow. You can see from a side view that the entire car looks like one continuous elongated arch or arc. The design does not have a large number of bulges, these are mostly smooth surfaces. One gets the feeling that the body is “cast” from one piece of metal.

The launch of the serial version of the EQC concept is planned in two years. It is worth noting that the German automaker promised that by the end of 2022 he will present more than 10 all-electric cars. Not all of these models will be available in all markets, and some will be released by Smart. The EQS will be Mercedes’s fifth all-electric vehicle.

 The Concept Vision EQS is equipped with a twin-engine propulsion system that delivers a total of 469 hp. Cruising range is 700 km (results obtained according to the international standard WLTP). The car can accelerate to 100 km / h in less than 4.5 seconds.