First double scoring finish for McLaren

First double scoring finish for McLaren

April 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In Baku, for the first time this season, both McLaren drivers earned points: Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris finished seventh and eighth …

Carlos Sainz (7th): “In qualifying, the yellow flags spoiled my attempt, but today I am happy to earn a lot of points! I knew that the result was a matter of time and the ability to conduct a pure race. Today, during the whole race, we demonstrated a very good pace.

My congratulations to all McLaren employees on the first double scoring finish this season! But it is necessary to continue to give all the best, to set even higher goals. This seventh place will add confidence before my home stage in Barcelona! ”

Lando Norris (8th): “Excellent race for our team, we earned points with two cars for the first time since the beginning of the season! Everything turned out great: I started better than in previous races, and in the course of the race did not make a single mistake.

In the first segment, Soft tires lost their efficiency very early, I switched to Medium, confidently spent the second segment on this line-up, and when the virtual safety car mode was announced, I returned to Soft again. We thought that the Medium rubber, even if it was not so worn out, could not be brought back to the operating range again – it seems that this assumption turned out to be erroneous. The plan would probably work if the conditions were cooler, but everything turned out as it happened – you need to analyze the information and draw conclusions. In the race it is impossible to predict everything, but in general, we are very cool this weekend. “

Gilles de Ferrand, sports director: “Earn points with two cars – a great result for the team! But if from the side of the race could seem simple, then in fact everything was completely different. Yes, the car was very fast, but we had to very carefully monitor the effectiveness of tires.

When the opportunity presented itself without a loss of position to hold a pit stop, we decided to divide tactics into aggressive and conservative and called only Lando into the pits. It can be said that we thereby secured ourselves in case of the most diverse scenarios of further developments.

My congratulations to Lando and Carlos, they both spoke flawlessly! Honor and praise to our strategists who performed their work superbly in a very difficult race, as well as to the mechanics for operational pit stops! Finally, many thanks to all McLaren employees who have made every effort in preparing for each stage of the championship. We leave Azerbaijan with satisfaction with the result and, of course, with the intention to continue to progress. ”