First Aiways electric SUV certified for Europe

First Aiways electric SUV certified for Europe

November 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The SUV will be the first Chinese player in the European electric car market.

Shanghai automaker Aiways has received the necessary permits and certificates to launch its car in Europe and plans to begin sales in the second quarter of next year, co-founder Fu Qiang said in an interview.

While the European version will be adapted to local tastes and regulatory requirements, Aiways can hardly win customers in a market dominated by local, American and Japanese brands for decades. Dozens of other Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers with global ambitions will follow the debut.

“I believe that we will be the first,” – Fu said in Shanghai. Others are “still in preparation” or even further with their plans, he said.

Penetration into the European market would mark a historic shift as such. Sales of European brands in China over the years have reinforced a significant portion of the continent’s manufacturing potential, and countries such as Germany are stepping up their efforts to support their own costly shift to electric cars when global competition intensifies.

Convincing European buyers that a Chinese car can live up to their expectations is one of Fu Qiang’s main concerns. According to him, the failures of other Chinese companies left consumers with poor impressions of the country’s products. At the same time, he hopes that the recent successes of Chinese manufacturers of consumer goods and mobile phones could build confidence.