Firenze Lanciare jet hypercar

Firenze Lanciare jet hypercar

October 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The head of Firenze and an experienced pilot, Greg Brown, spoke about the redesigned Lanciare flying machine, which began to be developed in the early 20th century. This was reported by the New Atlas agency.

The 7-meter hypercar will be able to accelerate to 800 km / h and will cost 5-7 million dollars. The 4-seater Lanciare is based on a spatial chrome-molybdenum frame, which is created by Armada Engineering, which develops off-road buggies.

An adjustable suspension is also going to be modeled on the buggy. Its design will have to soften the shock upon landing and at the same time not interfere with the hypercar’s handling on asphalt. According to the assumptions, the suspension will provide the ability to change the Lanciare’s ground clearance within wide limits, it is even possible that it will be able to move off-road.

Foldable, servo fenders hide in the underbody of the hypercar, which is made from aluminum. The intended wingspan is 8.2 meters. How exactly the aeromobile will be controlled in flight is not known: it is likely that the air keels are integrated into the struts of a large wing.

There is no information as to which Lanciare powertrain will be used on the ground, although Brown emphasized that it can simply be taken from Tesla’s flagship variants. But the ability to fly will be provided by two gas turbine motors in the rear of the hull. Their performance is currently not disclosed, however, the planned “maximum speed” of the car in the air should reach about 800 km / h, and the cruising range will be 1300 km.

Firenze estimates the construction of the first concept at $ 20-40 million, while it is planning to sell already assembled cars for $ 5-7 million. There are no plans for serial production. The company intends to produce approximately 10 Lanciare units.

In addition, it was recently reported that the Arcanum hypercar from Bulgaria will receive a salon in the Avatar style. It should be emphasized that the cost of the flagship modification of the model will be 1,500,000 euros.