Firemen punished the driver who got up at the hydrant

Firemen punished the driver who got up at the hydrant

March 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The fire brigade from California was unable to quickly use a fire hydrant due to the fact that one of the drivers had parked his car next to it.

As a result, firefighters broke windows in the rear doors and ran a hose through them to cope with the fire. In addition, he received a penalty for parking in the wrong place and additional expenses for evacuating his car for a parking penalty.

Photo of the car, through the cabin of which the fire hose was passed, was posted on social networks by the local fire service.

“Have you ever wondered what happens if a car is parked in front of a fire hydrant and a fire starts?” Is a convenient parking place for broken windows, as well as a fine and evacuation fees? ”Asked the fire department. Interestingly, many users of social networks found this post offensive, unsubscribing that firefighters and police should not use social networks as a “board of shame”.

Also, according to users, they should not cause damage to private property, if this could have been avoided. So, in this case, the hose could be put above or below the car.

The fire service noted that “the post was intended to demonstrate and train, not humiliate.” In addition, the principle of operation of the fire hydrant requires that the hose be stretched in a straight line. If you lift it up or circle around the car, it simply will not work. “We do not damage property if circumstances do not require it,” noted the fire service, adding that the hose thrown over the car could have caused more serious damage to the car due to its weight.