Finns have found a solution to the problem of freezing headlights

Finns have found a solution to the problem of freezing headlights

November 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Thin film protects against frost without damaging the optics surface

Finnish developer of “smart” components for cars Canatu has presented its new invention designed to protect LED optics from freezing and fogging. LED headlights, which almost do not heat up by themselves, are proposed to be pasted over with a transparent film with heating.

Since the installation of LED headlights on cars, more and more motorists have begun to face a new problem: LED lamps are not able to heat the surface of optics in the same way as halogen ones. As a result, in the cold season, the headlights freeze on the outside and fog up inside, which affects the quality of lighting.

At first glance, Canatu engineers came up with a simple but effective solution – heated transparent film. This film is made of polymer material resistant to temperature changes and equipped with compact heating points. They provide uniform heating and protect the headlamps from freezing without damaging the polycarbonate surface. In this case, the film can be given any desired shape.

The company noted that it will work for other “open” elements, including cameras, sensors and radars located on the body. According to the Finns, the solution will be especially useful for future autonomous cars, since they are deprived of drivers who can manually clear the optics of ice.

Heated film for headlights is just a development. It is not known whether such an accessory will appear on sale. The main activity of Canatu is connected not with heating elements, but with sensors – the company offers several options for thin films that allow equipping almost any three-dimensional surface in the car interior with virtual buttons.

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