Finnish company Canatu is going to make all cars “smart”

Finnish company Canatu is going to make all cars “smart”

December 11, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Technology company Canatu has announced a number of future technologies that will make all cars intelligent. The concept of the idea is to make most interior surfaces functional or multimedia.

The Finnish company Canatu believes that the new generation of all cars should be “intelligent.” Therefore, they strive to ensure that the surfaces of the interior become smart or functional. The company plans to promote its own material Carbon nanoBud. A feature of the material is plasticity (stretched to 200% and bent with a radius of up to 1 mm). That is, the material allows you to create touch panels of any complex shape.

 Canatu has been working for 14 years, and some of its solutions are already in production, although the company’s CEO Juha Kokkonen has not yet begun to say which companies will use its technology. Earlier, Canatu received an award at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas thanks to a 3D touch-sensitive surface.

Another important work can be the project Canatu-Faurecia implemented with Daimler. The project demonstrates a conceptual door panel with an integrated thermoforming touchscreen display that controls windows, seats, and mirrors. The surface remains black until it is activated.

In addition, the company plans to integrate sensory functions into the leather surfaces of cars. But whether the company will be able to popularize their materials is not yet known.

Meanwhile, at the end of the week, the new season of Formula E Racer racing in Saudi Arabia begins. The Bavarian concern will also present their cars, and showed a new eDrive01 transmission for the car.