Finally! Now Lamborghini Urus can get a carbon cover for the gas tank

Finally! Now Lamborghini Urus can get a carbon cover for the gas tank

February 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Italian company has introduced new accessories for its only SUV. For many, they may seem superfluous, but many owners of Urus are satisfied with the novelty.

As great people have repeatedly repeated, “the devil is in the details.” Now you can imagine that you have a Lamborghini Urus, able to accelerate to “hundreds” in less than three seconds, but something is still missing. Add power? – will not work. New kit? – The tuners have already done everything. But there is a unique opportunity – a carbon cover for a gasoline tank and a carbon clip for a spoiler.

It sounds absolutely unbelievable, but Lamborghini did indeed provide a carbon cover and clamp as an additional option. The novelty was developed jointly by the Italian company and Carbon. In the future, cooperation will expand to create even more unique accessories.

 Unfortunately, now there is no information about the cost of new carbon components. Cheap they will not be 100%. Nevertheless, Lamborghini Urus buyers, on average, spend an additional $ 40,000 on personalization of an SUV worth $ 200,000. Therefore, the price tag will not be a particular problem.

Carbon uses a variety of different materials for its products produced by 3D printing. Therefore, the details can be of various complex shapes.