Fiat made a pickup for police forensics

Fiat made a pickup for police forensics

December 7, 2017 0 By autotimesnews

The company Fiat has developed a special modification of the Fullback pickup for the forensic unit of the Italian police. The car was equipped with a metal cargo box and an LTE Wi-Fi access point for transmitting information to the operational center.

Instead of a cargo platform, a box is installed on the pickup, which is used to transport materials and equipment necessary for the work of forensic experts. It is equipped with shelves, drawers, screeds and various options for bindings for boxes and bags. Wide swing doors on both sides of the box allow you to quickly get to the right equipment.

The double cabin is also equipped with a compartment for the transport of materials necessary for chemical and fingerprint studies, a hybrid electric generator, a collapsible tent and a refrigerated container for storing physical evidence.

The Fiat Fullback police officer is equipped with a 154-horsepower (380 Nm) 2.4-liter diesel.