Fiat is testing Mobi Pickup for freight

Fiat is testing Mobi Pickup for freight

January 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Recently, on tests in Europe, the most disguised car was spotted – a budget and simple pickup for the carriage of goods. While the truth is not known whether it will be sold here.

If you believe the information published by the Quatro Rodas edition, then this pickup is created from components from two different models of pickups – Strada (which is based on the Palio chassis, produced since 1996) and Fiorino (the one implemented in Brazil, built on the basis of Uno) .

Nothing is known about the technical characteristics, but there is a large share of the likelihood that a 73-horsepower gasoline engine with a volume of one liter will be located under the hood of the pickup (can also be refueled with an alcohol mixture), and a five-speed manual gearbox will be installed together with it. Drive – front. The same components are in the Mobi hatchback.

 In Brazil, an affordable “truck” will appear next year and in the model line will be one step lower than the “Strada”, from which they will select the most budget versions and produce the fifth update on the model.

Fiat may have to pay a fine of $ 700 million for cars with diesel engines.