Fiat has embarked on the final phase of launching the new Fiat E-Ducato on the European market

Fiat has embarked on the final phase of launching the new Fiat E-Ducato on the European market

June 18, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Fiat Professional’s light commercial vehicle division has announced that the launch of the electric car in the European market will take place in the coming months. The model will be presented in the entire gamut of body options, with the same cargo volume as the usual Fiat Ducato, and the best load rating – up to 1,950 kg.

In 2019, the Fiat E-Ducato prototype, a fully electric battery electric vehicle developed as part of the zero-mobility movement, was presented. The company continued to work on the model in 2020, despite a number of difficulties.

Work on E-Ducato included a huge number of measurements and tests. All tests had to take into account the types of use of the electric vehicle by various customers. In addition, the new model has passed most of the dynamic, stress and environmental tests. Soon, Fiat E-Ducato will join methane-powered Ducato Natural Power to meet the challenge of the market and prove that the company is constantly looking for alternative energy sources.

For the first time, an E-Ducato electric car will have a logo designed by FCA Style Center. This image marks the beginning of a new era of electric traction, and also symbolizes the unity of the present and future legendary models. The logo consists of two separate elements: the letter “E” is blue, which means innovation, environmental friendliness, and matte silver “D” (the first letter in the word Ducato).

The new version of Ducato will become the flagship of Fiat Professional electric mobility and a symbol of the company’s commitment to the idea of ​​creating vehicles that meet the requirements of customers with different needs.

The E-Ducato development program took more than one year to measure the required parameters in real-time use of the car. For measurements, 28,000 cars of the company connected to the Internet were used. The measurements were carried out by a team of FCA professionals on cars with internal combustion engines that have traveled over 50 million kilometers. This large-scale measurement allowed us to analyze all the variables associated with the user, dynamic, load and environmental aspects of car use. Factors such as mileage, model modifications for different tasks, fuel consumption and temperature were analyzed.

Such an approach will enable Fiat Professional to introduce new comprehensive solutions for mobility for all the company’s vehicles in the future.

The new E-Ducato – will become not only a line of cars, but also a set of modular options for various battery sizes. These modules will be available with a range of distances in a typical urban cycle from 200 to over 330 km under standard weather conditions.

The dynamic characteristics of the new model are impressive: the speed for more efficient energy absorption is limited to 100 km / h, the maximum power is 90 kW, and the maximum torque is 280 Nm.

The strengths of Ducato, for which the car has received worldwide recognition, have not been affected by the transition to electric traction. The machine retained the cargo compartment volume from 10 to 17 m3 with the best-in-class carrying capacity of up to 1,950 kg. In addition, E-Ducato provides Internet access, offering an exclusive set of features that are useful to customers with a wide variety of needs.

When developing the electric version of the new model, Fiat Professional relied as much as possible on the technological experience accumulated over many years and modern innovations. Therefore, when creating the new E-Ducato, the company followed the motto: “more technology, more efficiency, more benefit”.

At the test site, namely on the highway in Balocco, the first tests were organized in the form of a city trip, as well as road tests with an emphasis on the features of driving in fully electric mode. The trip participants made presentations on some of the possible uses for Ducato – from mobile workshops and refrigerated vans to passenger minibuses – once again confirming that versatility remains one of Fiat Professional’s strengths.

The next step on the way to E-Ducato’s entry into the market is the active road tests of the electric vehicle by partner customers under standard operating conditions.

This is how preparations for the official launch are planned, which is planned for the coming months and will begin with the opening of pre-orders in the main European markets.