Fiat Ducato camper concept presented with unique modular interior

Fiat Ducato camper concept presented with unique modular interior

September 11, 2020 Off By autotimesnews

The main advantage of the novelty is a completely “mobile” salon, which can be adjusted to specific travel purposes. Even the bathroom and kitchen are removable.

The Fiat Ducato concept camper with a removable interior, designed according to the popular modular principle, is presented. It can be a cargo van or a tourist camper, equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable journey. There is a third option – passenger, which implies the installation of seats.

Vöhringer worked on the creation of such a versatile concept. The new Fit Ducato is based on the six-meter Fiat Ducato. In the tourist version, the car is equipped with a kitchenette with two burners and a small sink. This modular design attaches to floor handrails. The bathroom with toilet and shower is also removable. The dining area is designed for four.

It is a fold-out table, two fixed seats and two chairs.
In the back there are two-meter beds. If they are not needed, they fold into the walls.

At the same time, specialists from Vöhringer call another “module” for their camper – this is an equipped workplace. With him you will not have to leave urgent matters on the road.

An unusual Ford Transit NuggetPlus camper was presented earlier. Its main feature is a lifting roof, which offers a number of advantages. In particular, fuel consumption will be lower and the vehicle will also have fewer height restrictions.