Fiat Chrysler will start producing drones

Fiat Chrysler will start producing drones

July 23, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Auto concern FCA and Waymo firm have agreed to create light commercial unmanned vehicles. As part of the agreement, Waymo Driver will equip Ram ProMaster vans with an autopilot system.

It should be emphasized that the Waymo Driver autopilot uses the information that Google Street View collects.

The autopilot kit consists of cameras, rooftop lidars, front radars, and more. Nevertheless, the FCA corporation already knows the system, since back in 2016, the automaker came to an agreement with Google to equip Chrysler Pacifica models with Waymo autopilot. The agreement provided for equipping 100 cars with an autopilot system.

According to the new agreement, the Ram ProMaster will be equipped with an autopilot. Drones based on the van are going to be used, in particular, by the courier service Waymo Via.

In addition, it was recently noted that Intel drones will be tested on the roads of Germany. Permission to bring autonomous vehicles to regular roads was given by the local government. It is worth saying that all unmanned vehicles will be accompanied by drivers.