Fiat Chrysler sued in court due to software malfunctions

Fiat Chrysler sued in court due to software malfunctions

July 1, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

About one and a half million owners of the minivan Chrysler Pacifica in 2017 release sued the manufacturer for faulty software. The problem is a sudden stop of the car while driving.

More than 1.4 million disgruntled car owners – this is a very impressive amount. Namely, so many people filed a complaint with the court on the company Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Complained specifically on the failures in the brake control system. That is, at any time the machine itself could stop without warning, provoking an accident.

Perhaps, if the company had taken some measures about this problem before the trial, it would not have happened. But, according to plaintiffs, Fiat Chrysler knew about the danger that could threaten its customers and did nothing. The clients themselves repeatedly turned to dealers and to the company’s representatives, but all to no avail.

Already in May this year, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration drafted a petition demanding to stop the production of this model and to understand the situation. Only then the company withdrew about 154 thousand minivans. Some time later, representatives of Fiat Chrysler said that such a malfunction can occur only with some coincidence of several conditions. That, in general, does not justify the company’s relationship to its customers.

Software updating at dealers, of course, was free of charge, the complaints did not stop. Now the proceedings will be conducted in court.

During the next year, the Korean company Hyundai intends to acquire a controlling stake in the FCA stock. If this happens, the alliance will become the largest car manufacturer.