Fiat Chrysler saw in the SUV Mahindra competitor in the US

Fiat Chrysler saw in the SUV Mahindra competitor in the US

August 3, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The international automobile concern decided to start fighting against the Indian threat in the American market.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles filed a complaint with the US Commerce Committee to prevent the Indian company Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd from planning to import into the United States market an SUV with a look similar to the iconic Jeep.

The concern registered a complaint with the US International Trade Commission on August 1. It says that the Mahindra Roxor model uses the key characteristics of the Jeep’s corporate identity, namely “box-shaped with flat vertical sides and the end of the stern at approximately the same height as the hood.”

“They created an almost identical copy of the iconic Jeep design,” Fiat Chrysler said in a complaint that contains a photo for comparison of Roxor with Jeep. “In fact, the product to which the complaint is lodged is designed on the basis of the original Willys Jeep.”

Note that the Mahindra Roxor is built on the basis of the SUV SUV Thar, which is a modernized version of the army Willys CJ-3B model in 1953. Use Roxor on public roads can not, only as a tourist car or farm machine. It is equipped with a diesel turbo four volume of 2.5 liters with a return of 62 hp. and 195 Nm of torque in combination with a five-speed manual transmission. The price in the US starts at $ 15,499

Recall that in 2017 Mahindra, which is the largest manufacturer of sports vehicles in India, has launched an office in Michigan, which will oversee work in the North American market.

Representatives of the US also said that the import of Roxor could cause substantial harm to Jeep sales, as the Indian manufacturer offers lower prices compared to the US off-road vehicles. Mahindra enjoys the advantage of low production costs in India, supplying dismantled kits in the US, which are then collected near Detroit.

Recall, recently Sergio Marchionne left the post of head of the FCA, as it turned out, due to a deadly disease. A few days later, the top manager died in Switzerland, in a coma.