Fiat Chrysler is open to merger, Maserati brand will be maintained

Fiat Chrysler is open to merger, Maserati brand will be maintained

March 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Italian-American concern Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is not averse to uniting with someone. This was announced last week by executive director Mike Manley.

“We have a strong independent future, but if we have the opportunity to unite with some automakers, this will further strengthen our position in the automotive arena, and I will follow this,” said Mike Manley to foreign news agency Reuters.

Although it is unlikely that FCA will merge with another car manufacturer in the near future, the French PSA Group is called a potential candidate.

The French conglomerate mainly operates throughout Europe, and the merger with the Italian-American FCA will give him the opportunity to get acquainted with the US automotive market, as well as with the extremely popular brand of the concern – this is about the American Jeep.

 Manly’s predecessor, the late Sergio Marchionne, has repeatedly mentioned the possibility of a merger in recent years, but as you can see, these were only conjectures.

The head of FCA also said that it is not planned to sell the luxury brand Maserati. And this is despite the desire of the Chinese Geely Automobile Holdings to acquire the Italian brand. Currently, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles focuses on compliance with European emission standards.

FCA’s current leadership plans include an investment of $ 10.19 billion over the next five years to create a series of hybrid and all-electric models that will be sold worldwide.