Fiat can get Sauber?

Fiat can get Sauber?

February 6, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

AutoBild has published information according to which Fiat is negotiating the purchase of a new F-1 Alfa Romeo Racing team.

Only recently it became known that with the new season, “Zauber” will act under a new name – “Alfa Romeo Racing” – as rumors about the purchase of the team by the Italian auto giant have already appeared. It is noted that both the owners and the management team will remain in their places.

Alfa Romeo, we recall, is part of the concern Fiat, and since last year is the title partner of the Swiss team. For the name change, they had to pay six million euros. Now “Fiat” will have to decide before the summer: whether to buy out all the assets of Sauber or not.

We add that in 2021 major changes are expected in the sporting rules of Formula 1. And if the full redemption does happen, then the position of Ferrari in the negotiations of the aforesaid date will be significantly strengthened.