Fiat 500X Adventurer: a new compact cross in the spirit of the times

Fiat 500X Adventurer: a new compact cross in the spirit of the times

June 12, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The company Fiat is trying with all its strength to stay on the American market. However, the new crossover 500X, as they say – “did not go,” the Americans. The model was introduced in 2015, and restyling is only foreseen. Now the special version is presented, in order to raise popularity.

Despite the fact that European sales of the Fiat 500x crossover (built on the basis of Jeep Renegade) in 2018 began to grow. And annually sold about 100 000 copies – in America the car is not popular. So, in 2016 12 600 cars were sold, in 2017 sales fell to a mark of 7 665 units, and the beginning of 2018 shows an even greater decline in popularity.

To increase demand and interest in the model, Fiat decided to present a special version of Adventure. The special series hints at the ease of operation when traveling, but the changes occurred minimal, and touched exclusively on the exterior.

The Fiat 500X Adventurer is based on the mid-range Trekking. The car features revised bumpers with black and silver inserts, unique 18-inch light alloy wheels, as well as painted body mirrors in contrasting body color.

The manufacturer informs about more extensive equipment, however in interior we can see exclusively new rugs and the firm pallet in a luggage carrier.

As it became clear, technically the car has not changed, and in America a special version is offered with an atmospheric of 2.4 liters, capable of developing up to 180 horsepower. In pair with the motor works 9-speed automatic transmission. And there is no such “stuffing” in the European version.

Whether it will help to create a new version in sales is still unknown, but independent experts doubt the positive result. But probably this will help the crossover to hold out until restyling, which can take place already in 2019-2020.

The cost of the Fiat 500X Adventurer with front-wheel drive starts at $ 23,685, which is $ 945 more than the standard version.

Meanwhile, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) will remove diesel engines from the entire model line by 2021. This was officially announced by the management of the concern.