Fiat 500 entered the top five most popular cars in Europe

Fiat 500 entered the top five most popular cars in Europe

June 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Fiat 500 is very popular in Europe. In May 2019, a total of 22,114 copies were sold, the lion’s share of which was in the home market – Italy.

Analytical European agency JATO Dynamics presented the top ten most popular cars in Europe. The data is provided for the last month, and demonstrate a high growth in popularity of the Fiat 500. During this period, the level of sales grew by 14.9% compared to last year, and amounted to 22,114 cars. Moreover, 60% of all copies sold remained in Italy.

The bestseller of the European leader turned out to be the regular participant of the tops – Volkswagen Golf, sold in the amount of 35,972 units, which shows a drop in sales by 11.8%. Renault Clio is in second place with 32,803 cars sold (+ 3.2%). Three leaders closes Dacia Sandero, sold in the amount of 22,234 units (+ 3.3%). The fourth was Skoda Octavia (22,183 units; + 11.8%), and the fifth place went to the Fiat 500 (22,114 units; + 14.9%).

Further, the rating was distributed as follows: Volkswagen Polo (21,189 units, -24.8%), Ford Fiesta (20,658 units, -8.5%), Ford Focus (20,600 units, -3.4%), Dacia Duster (20,542 units, + 21.6%) and Peugeot 208 (20,430 units, + 2%).