Fiat 126 demonstrated in the form of a modern electric car

Fiat 126 demonstrated in the form of a modern electric car

October 18, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Italian design studio MA-DE Studio on Sunday, October 18, published images of the electric reincarnation of the classic model Fiat 126. The new project was named Fiat 126 Vision.

From the illustrations, the electric car retains the recognizable shape of the original 126 with a square front end, a clamshell hood, a pair of LED headlights and a small grille in the lower bumper area.

Along with this, on the sidewalls of an imaginary car, you can see retractable door handles and two lines, one of which runs along the entire body. The stern has received a pair of LED lights and a large windshield, like the original model.

Recall that the Fiat 126 is an iconic model of the Italian automaker. This car was conceived as a successor to the 500 and was first presented at the Turin Motor Show in 1972. As noted, the production of this model was established at the brand’s factories in Europe. In total, 4.7 million copies rolled off the assembly line.

In addition, it was recently noted that the electric Fiat 500 EV will acquire a new variation. It should be emphasized that the main feature of this option will be the appearance of an additional door for the passenger that opens against the direction of travel.