FIA warns organizers of racing championships

FIA warns organizers of racing championships

May 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The International Automobile Federation has warned the organizers of various championships that it will not allow internal wars for the priority dates of the races when the situation on a global scale begins to normalize.

Since now because of the pandemic of Formula 1, the world rally championships, endurance races, as well as all other series of different levels are “pausing”, in two to three months it will be difficult to avoid a situation where weekends before the end of the year there will obviously be less than the competitions that will need to be held whenever possible. Of course, fierce competition for television will begin.

“It’s extremely important for us to prioritize the competition,” said Graham Stoker, vice president of FIA. “It will be unproductive if we engage in internecine wars.” You should not participate in disputes over who gets what date, and what initial agreements can be considered priority – this approach will not work.

Our priority is to resume the race, and if this means that you have to hold some kind of “super-weekends”, when several events will take place simultaneously – subject to a coordinated and flexible approach, then why not?

Motorsport needs to get together, it is necessary to be flexible and think outside the box, so that everything returns to normal, and then the public’s interest is guaranteed. Through our actions, we must demonstrate that our sport remains an important phenomenon and retains a positive impact. ”