Ferrari will show its hybrid supercar in 2019

Ferrari will show its hybrid supercar in 2019

February 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

It is already known that the Italian novelty will not be shown at the upcoming motor show in Geneva (March 2019). The car will be available early next year.

In 2019, Ferrari will present a mid-engined supercar that will reportedly be equipped with a V8 hybrid powertrain. The model will not be unique, but will become an ordinary production car. According to insiders, the new product will become even more powerful than the 711-hp 488 Pista.

The debut of the new model of the Italian automaker will be held at a special event, and not at the Geneva Motor Show (March 2019). The start of sales is presumably scheduled for the beginning of 2020.

Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri announced plans for a new model during an appeal to investors, which also reported on the success of the brand for the 2018 calendar year. According to the foreign publication Automotive News, Mr. Camilleri mentioned a car with a hybrid V8 installation.

 Based on this information, as well as the received “spy” pictures, you can already get some idea of ​​what we should expect. Many shots show us disguised prototypes of the model 488 with other body panels in front and behind. Published videos show that these models are much quieter than regular versions of the 488, which is the main proof of the presence of an electrified engine under their hoods. If you look closely, you can see the battery pack, which is located behind the mesh panel in the back of the supercar.

 It is reported that after 2022, a completely electric model Ferrari will appear.

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