Ferrari will not give up the V12 engine

Ferrari will not give up the V12 engine

March 14, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Italian brand will do its utmost to keep the good old V12 petrol.

V-shaped engines with 12 cylinders are becoming more and more “rare birds” in the modern automotive market. Even manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW, are going to stop producing their most powerful powertrains, but, fortunately, supercar manufacturers do not share such a decision. Some intend to keep the V12 as long as possible. Prior to that, Lamborghini, and now the Italian brand Ferrari, also expressed its commitment to the 12-cylinder engine.

Technical director Michael Lighters has promised that he will fight for the V12 and will make it more efficient and environmentally friendly, so that this engine will meet the latest standards for emissions.

“A naturally aspirated V12 engine is by definition not a motor with a small volume, and for me it does not make sense as a hybrid,” Leuters said in an interview. “We will fight for V12. We will do our best to preserve it, as this is the basis of our brand. Whether V12 will receive electrification is unlikely. ”

Apparently, Ferrari believes that hybridization and high volume engines do not go together. That is why the automaker from Maranello will focus on small electrified engines for some of its future products. Again, the V12 will continue to play an important role for the brand.

“If you want to maximize the benefits of an electrified power plant, you need to do this with a decrease in the volume of the main engine, otherwise it does not make sense. In the future, we will be forced to look at the level of emissions and bring our models in full compliance, ”added Mr. Leuters.