Ferrari V12 and Hybrid V6 test prototypes spotted in fog

Ferrari V12 and Hybrid V6 test prototypes spotted in fog

November 19, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Auto publications have published a video showing two unusual prototypes of the Italian supercar Ferrari 488. According to rumors, the automaker is testing hybrid versions of its Ferrari V12 and V6 engines.

The Ferrari team recently used the thick fog as an opportunity to test their V6 hybrid power plant, but foreign journalists were still able to capture the prototype car, which received a white camouflage.

We’ve seen several videos like this showing the new hybrid Ferrari models.

The tests took place near the Ferrari headquarters in the Italian town of Maranello. Journalists’ cameras captured the elusive test mule parked in the fog, with its flabby white camouflage that blends well with its surroundings. Externally, it’s a 488, but it appears to be a test bed for Ferrari’s new V6 hybrid engine, which is currently undergoing testing. When the car makes slow, quiet drives down this short stretch of road, the sound of the V6 exhaust is clearly audible. It seems that the focus of this particular test session is on the firing point of the internal combustion engine.

This continues for several minutes, the fog dissipates enough to give us a clear view of the test car. Over time, another 488 test car enters the frame, which has been covered in a nice gray and black camouflage. Judging by the constant high-pitched sound of the engine, there is a V12 engine under the hood. Could Ferrari also develop a new V12-based hybrid engine?

This is a difficult question. Ferrari said it will continue to be difficult to use the powerful V12 engine in the midst of tightening emissions regulations. As such, there is no indication that Ferrari will try to offer a V12 hybrid in terms of efficiency. However, from a performance standpoint, this is quite possible. This theory got a new lease on life just a couple of weeks ago when a LaFerrari prototype was spotted with decals suggesting that the car was powered by a hybrid engine.

Not so long ago, our publication wrote that Ferrari had difficulties with their first crossover Purosangue. According to representatives of the Italian brand, the development of the Ferrari Purosangue is much more difficult than the creation of the SF90 hybrid supercar. There are still two years left before the appearance of the first ever Italian crossover brand.