Ferrari unveils racing-inspired version of the 488 Pista

Ferrari unveils racing-inspired version of the 488 Pista

January 24, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

As part of a special Ferrari Tailor Made project, an exclusive version of the 488 Pista supercar was created. As representatives of the Italian automaker say, when creating the new product, Ferrari specialists were inspired by racing.

Red is a natural color for Ferrari cars, and a crimson hue covers most of the exterior of the new 488 Pista. At the front, a thin white stripe runs from the bottom panel through the center of the bonnet and then above the roof. The number 547 appears on the side. The published photos are a bit dark, so it’s hard to tell if the front splitter has a glossy black finish or is made of carbon fiber.

When viewed in profile, it can be seen that the emblem of a prancing horse appears on the front wings. The white stripe occupies the lower part of the body.

The number 547 is repeated and has a slightly different shade than the stripe below it, so the numbers remain visible.

The rims are especially interesting. When looked at directly, they appear to be quite ordinary Ferrari wheels with a 10-spoke design and a slim Y shape. But when viewed from an angle, you can see that there are actually pairs of knitting needles stacked on top of each other, making the style much more complicated.

Inside, the seats and center console are upholstered in light brown orange leather. White stripes appear on the cushions and backs of the chairs, and their shade appears to be the same as the stripe on the outside. These stripes contrast with the white floor.

The Ferrari Tailor Made program offers the Italian brand’s customers a greater degree of personalization for their future cars. This opens up a wide range of colors, leathers, textiles and other materials. Buyers work with an individually represented designer to determine the desired vehicle appearance.

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