Ferrari tries to keep V12 engines under the hood of its new products

Ferrari tries to keep V12 engines under the hood of its new products

September 14, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Due to the tightening of environmental standards, many powerful engines do not fit the standards. Companies have already begun to abandon large volumes of engines, but not Ferrari. They are trying to improve and improve the power plant.

Ferrari cars used V12 engines back in 1947, when they were equipped with a 125 S road. The motor was a compact 1.5-liter power unit and produced 120 horsepower. Gradually, the V12 engines were improved and installed every time on new models of the Italian brand. In the end, we got an 812 GTS with its 6.5-liter 800 horsepower engine.

Due to stringent environmental requirements, it was expected that this model would be the last equipped with a twelve-cylinder engine, as the company would have been forced to switch to smaller units to reduce emissions. However, Michael Lighters, the head of technical development of the company, explained that Ferrari is doing everything possible to ensure that V12 engines are reinstalled under the hoods of new products. He also noted that due to Euro-6 restrictions, they had to install a diesel particulate filter on the new GTS, and that experts know how to meet the environmental standards of the United States, China and other countries where the total CO2 emissions are set.

Installing a particulate filter lowered the car’s power – this did not suit the team at all. Lighters added that he does not know how other companies are, but Ferrari has an advantage due to its financial and technical capabilities. Perhaps the Italians will be the last in the near future, who else will install the V12 under the hood.

Ferrari is going to fight until the last to preserve the V12 engines in their cars. We can only wish them good luck.