Ferrari: The result is again below expectations

Ferrari: The result is again below expectations

May 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

On Sunday in Barcelona, ​​Ferrari racers could not climb the podium, losing not only to rivals from Mercedes, but to Max Verstappen …

Sebastian Vettel (4th): “Perhaps this is the maximum that we could achieve. The race left a feeling of annoyance – we expected to be much faster. At the start, I tried to go through the racers Mercedes, but damaged the tires, which affected the pace. I know that the race is not won in the first corner, but it seemed to me that we would be able to impose the struggle on the opponents.

Then Charles and I tried not to interfere with each other and acted together. The season has just begun, we are trying to take the maximum from each race – it seems to me, then everything will be just better, because the whole team works with all their might. “

Charles Leclaire (5th): “Uneasy race. I spent the first part very well, but then difficulties began. We were counting on Hard tires to go to the finish, but when the safety car appeared, we realized that there might be difficulties on the restart, and decided to switch to Medium. The balance in the course of the second and third segments was far from optimal, I did not feel confident in the car.

It seems that we have to do a lot of work – we will give all the best to minimize the gap from Mercedes. In the course of the weekend, we have collected a lot of information, we will continue this process on the next test. “

Mattia Binotto, team leader: “Another race in which the result was below our expectations. Annoyingly at the start – Sebastian darted off, but soon blocked the wheels and lost ground.

In the course of the race, we chose to use a different strategy for Vettel and Leclair. Deciding on the exchange of positions is always difficult, but, as it seems to me, we did everything absolutely timely: the riders missed each other only when we were completely confident that the one who was driving behind could keep a higher pace.

The modifications of aerodynamics and powerplant brought to Barcelona worked well, we were completely satisfied with them, but this was not enough. It is necessary to analyze everything and understand what was wrong. I do not think that we will immediately find the exact answer, but it is quite clear that we must make progress, and that a lot of work has to be done for this.

We still do not lose optimism. The morale in the team is still high, we really want to perform better, you need to gather strength and act. In conclusion – my congratulations to Mercedes with brilliant results in the first five races! ”