Ferrari tests hybrid powertrain

Ferrari tests hybrid powertrain

May 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Italian company is working on a new model with a V6 unit. It is not yet clear whether an electrified sports car with a basic engine will be one of two models scheduled for 2020.

The already rich range of Ferrari this year will become even wider, including two new vehicles. The brand made it clear that it will fully cover electrification, and hybrid prototype tests report this. The last time such a machine fell into the spy camera lenses at the end of April in Maranello.

Instagram posted several short videos shot on the Ferrari Fiorano racetrack by simonemasetti_photography, which shows a prototype that seems to have about the same camouflage as the aforementioned model.

It’s hard to be sure that we have a hybrid, but we must not miss the fact that the sound seems to come from the V6. The new V6 engine family was announced almost two years ago, so we know that it will definitely appear.

Like it or not, it would be advisable to electrify the smallest power plant in the lineup to get a larger combined output. In addition, the company is not safe from increasingly stringent emission standards, and its units must be modernized to comply with these rules, so an electrified six-cylinder engine would be a good solution.