Ferrari suspect problems with the engine cylinder

Ferrari suspect problems with the engine cylinder

April 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In Bahrain, Charles LeClaire confidently rode to victory, but shortly before the finish began to lose speed and missed Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas ahead. In Ferrari suspect that the cause of the drop in speed was the incorrect operation of one of the engine cylinders on the machine Monegasque.

“Now we are checking the engine, while there is no clear explanation of what happened,” said team leader Mattia Binotto. – One of the cylinders did not work properly, the reason remains to be seen. The engine will be sent to Maranello for thorough inspection. When something like this happens, it takes time to check everything carefully.

The engine worked to the finish, and he is able to work further. We use it in Friday’s training sessions in China – we will have a whole day to evaluate its behavior, functionality and effectiveness. ”

Binotto denied the information that the problem could have been related to MGU-H: “I don’t know where such rumors came from, but there were no problems with MGU-H. When something like this happens, you try to restore the cylinder to work, or try to change the settings in an attempt to correct the situation, but today it did not succeed, so you had to continue the race as it is.

I consider the decision to continue the race in such conditions to be bold. As a result, we won the third place, so, probably, the decision was correct. ”