Ferrari supercar with hybrid V6 engine spotted in tests

Ferrari supercar with hybrid V6 engine spotted in tests

August 14, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The conclusion about the motor can be made based on its sound in the published video.

Legendary Italian manufacturer Ferrari is testing its new hybrid car. The video from the races on the Fiorano circuit was published on the web on Friday, August 14th. Recall that this race track was built in 1972 near the base in Maranello. Its feature is the presence of a large number of different types of turns and bends for maximum imitation of all world tracks.

Hybrid technologies are moving into series production from Formula 1 cars, where they have been used since 2014. By the sound from the video we can conclude that the supercar is equipped with a hybrid V6 engine, not a V8 488. In addition to information about the power plant, we can draw some conclusions about the exterior of the new product – the front part is made in the style of the F8 Tributo model. But the rest of the car is hidden by camouflage, and Ferrari has made it stylish, reminiscent of a racing livery.

It is also worth noting that already at the prototype stage, the car goes through turns quite smoothly and confidently.

Earlier, a prototype of the new 2021 Ferrari Portofino convertible was spotted in test trials. According to preliminary data, the engine power will reach 612 hp, which will further improve the dynamics of the car.