Ferrari sues anti-doping fund over Purosangue

Ferrari sues anti-doping fund over Purosangue

February 1, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Ferrari will have to defend trademark rights in front of Italian Themis

Ferrari and the Purosangue Foundation charity are facing litigation over Purosangue’s rights (translated from Italian as “purebred”). The parties could not peacefully agree on the use of the trademark, and now the copyright holder will have to establish the justice authorities.

The Purosangue Anti-Doping Fund was registered in 2013, five years earlier than Ferrari’s application for the name of the debut crossover. As soon as the agency found out about the desire of the supercar manufacturer to register the trademark of the same name, the fund’s lawyer tried to contact the company from Maranello to resolve the issue peacefully.

Negotiations did not take place, so now the Ferrari and Purosangue Foundation will have to compromise in a Bologna court. Maranello lawyers believe that the Anti-Doping Fund has not used the Purosangue trademark in the past five years, which means it does not have exclusive rights to the name. The founder of the charity is convinced of the opposite and is ready to provide evidence in the form of cooperation with the Adidas brand.

The first hearing of the case will be held on March 5. According to insider forecasts, the premiere of the first Ferrari SUV will take place no earlier than 2021, so the parties will have enough time to reach a consensus.

Ferrari is very jealous of protecting its reputation: last year, the firm’s lawyers demanded that fashion designer Philippe Plein remove photos from the 812 Superfast car because they allegedly “caused material damage to the brand.”