Ferrari sued to confiscate a new car

Ferrari sued to confiscate a new car

February 13, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Italian social activists are disappointed with cigarette ads aboard the Ferrari SF1000.

Italian consumerism criticized Ferrari. Activists believe that the appearance of a new Formula 1 car SF1000 is enough to remove it.

The organization is unhappy with Mission Winnow promotional stickers on the race car for the 2020 season. The Mission Winnow brand has been owned by the tobacco company Philip Morris, which has sponsored Scuderia for many years.

In Formula 1, tobacco advertising has been banned since 2006, but Philip Morris is still a Ferrari partner. Mission Winnow is not directly linked to tobacco, but the Italian Ministry of Health considered it an indirect tobacco advertising. The fact is that through the links on the website of this brand, you can go to the Philip Morris website.

Because of this decision, the society for the protection of consumer rights opposed the decision of Ferrari still leave controversial stickers on the Formula 1 car.