Ferrari Stallone Concept or worthy successor to the hybrid LaFerrari

Ferrari Stallone Concept or worthy successor to the hybrid LaFerrari

February 25, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

This rendering shows the ideological receiver of Italy’s most powerful hybrid hypercar. So far, there is no data on the possible technical characteristics of the new items, as well as on when the car can go on sale.

Ferrari loves to keep its plans for the future a closely guarded secret. Yes, we know about the upcoming crossover of the brand, which will be named Purosangue, we know about some models that will use hybrid engines, we also know about the all-electric supercar, which will appear in 2025, but this is where our knowledge ends. Trying to predict the future of Ferrari is a very difficult task.

But independent artist and industrial designer Murray Sharp decided to fantasize and presented his vision of what the spiritual successor of the LaFerrari hybrid hypercar might look like. And I must say that the resulting car on the render looks very decent.

 Called Ferrari Stallone (Italian stallion), the stunning car retains Ferrari’s core values, such as its rapid proportions and speed, and embodies it in its design. According to the artist himself, “this hypercar will be located on top of the Ferrari lineup and will become the full successor to the great Laferrari.”

 There are some elements that directly connect this concept with the hybrid LaFerrari. The low, sharp corner of the bonnet and the two large vents beneath it are the most obvious similarities to the iconic hypercar. Side vents, a distinctive profile and even taillights – with their unique horizontal element – also resemble the futuristic design elements of LaFerrari. But there are also some exterior features that do not make the new product look like a hybrid Ferrari.

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