Ferrari spared no disguise for a mysterious hybrid

Ferrari spared no disguise for a mysterious hybrid

September 8, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

An unusual prototype of the Italian brand appeared on the roads

Ferrari has started testing a new hybrid. Photos of the newest car were posted on Facebook. Moreover, the prototype was spared neither camouflage film nor disguise, as a result of which its appearance caused bewilderment. Apparently, this is a test mule in the back of a 488 GTB with front optics from the SF90. The presence of a hybrid installation is indicated by a triangular decal in the center of the hood.

According to preliminary data, the mysterious prototype seen during the tests is the successor of the Ferrari F8 Tributo, which is equipped with a hybrid power plant based on the new V6 gasoline engine. It can be assumed that the spies managed to photograph one of the early specimens.

In total, in the next five years, the Italian brand intends to release 15 updated and completely new models, and some are not entitled to a hybrid modification: the Roma coupe and the Portofino convertible will remain without electrified versions.

Two of the 15 premieres will take place before the end of 2020: most likely, it will be a rechargeable hybrid 812 Superfast with an uprated from 800 to 840 horsepower, as well as a roadster based on the SF90.