Ferrari seeks new owner for racing boat with engine

Ferrari seeks new owner for racing boat with engine

August 21, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

An announcement on the sale of an Arno XI racing boat with a Ferrari engine was posted on the DuPont Registry website. In 1953, it managed to set a new world speed record on water.

This Arno XI racing glider was built in 1952 by order of Achilles Castoldi, who intended to set a world speed record on water. Enzo Ferrari himself took care of the power plant for this boat, and the Italian shipyard Cantiere Timossi took up the construction of the glider. As a result, the ship saw the light with a hull of hardwood covered with mahogany veneer. They were going to equip the Arno XI with a Ferrari engine from the very beginning. The choice fell on the 4.5-liter V12 from the 375. However, upon learning of the record, Enzo Ferrari ordered to deliver a similar engine, but in the formula specification.

 Engineers finalized the engine and converted it to methanol. After all the concomitant manipulations, the engine output exceeded 600 hp.

 And already in October 1953, on Lake Iseo in Italy, Castoldi accelerated to 241.708 km / h, setting a record in the class of boats weighing 800 kilograms. This figure has not been surpassed.