Ferrari saddened by missed chance

Ferrari saddened by missed chance

September 30, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Ferrari had a good chance of winning a double in Sochi, but Sebastian Vettel got down due to problems with the car, and Charles Lecler after the second pit stop rolled back to third place. After the race in Scuderia, the results of the weekend were summed up.

Charles Lecler (3rd): “A difficult race. The strategy we chose allowed us to achieve the best result for the team. At the start, I gave Sebastian the opportunity to use a slip stream, so we both were ahead of our rivals. After the safety car, the situation got complicated.

Before that, we tried to find the right moment for the exchange of positions, and did it during the pit stop Sebastian. Unfortunately, there were problems on his machine that caused him to get out. From that moment, the situation ceased to be in our favor, and I could not overtake two rivals.

We had a great weekend, so after the finish in third place and the descent we are experiencing not the most pleasant emotions. Nevertheless, we are confident in our potential and will do everything possible to achieve the best possible result in the next races. ”

Sebastian Vettel (gathering): “We are very disappointed. We hoped to finish first and second, but in the end we achieved only third place.

I started well and was fast enough in the first segment, which allowed me to create a gap. After the pit stop, I returned to the track second, but soon the team told me to stop the car due to a problem with the hybrid component of the power plant. I hope everything is in order with the engine, and it can be used in the upcoming races. Today is definitely not our day. ”

Mattia Binotto, Team Leader: “We are disappointed because we were unable to perform perfectly. Reliability is necessary for victory, and today we did not have it. Unfortunately, this is not the first such case of the season.

As usual, before the race, we talked with the riders and asked Charles to give Sebastian a slip stream so that he could get ahead of Lewis Hamilton, and we could finish the first lap first and second. Sebastian had a fantastic start, which allowed him to get ahead of Hamilton even before entering the second turn.

Sebastian was very fast today, and I am very pleased with how he piloted. I used to say many times that racing is his forte, and he proved it by demonstrating an excellent pace. It is unfortunate that he came down. We asked him to stop for security reasons, as security is our priority.

We did not hope for such a result, but after what happened we are even more ready to fight. Our car is fast, and the team is ready for the upcoming races. ”