Ferrari puts off electric car until at least 2025

Ferrari puts off electric car until at least 2025

December 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Ferrari CEO Luis Camilleri told Reuters about plans to release a debut all-electric model in the history of the brand.

As he emphasized, current traction batteries still require serious improvements, and their charging time still leaves much to be desired, for this reason the Ferrari electric car can not be expected in the next five years.

  In the fall of 2018, the automaker spread its development strategy until 2022. According to the plan, hybrid sports cars will appear in the lineup, but not a word was said about electric cars. This means that Italians did not intend to produce such cars at least until 2023, and now, apparently, we can safely add a few more years to this period.

 However, Ferrari hybrids are already a reality: in the spring, the all-wheel drive supercar SF90 Stradale debuted with a rechargeable hybrid powertrain with a total capacity of 1000 hp. Soon, there will be even more such cars in the lineup, as Ferrari bosses hope that after 3 years 60% of sales will come from hybrids.

 Apparently, in the segment of supercars, the transition to fully electric engines is still being postponed.

In addition, it was previously noted that Ferrari will attract new customers with a cheaper supercar. Thus, Italians consider the new Roma supercar “less intimidating” and more affordable for customers.