Ferrari published its development strategy for 2018-2020

Ferrari published its development strategy for 2018-2020

September 18, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

According to this document, plans for the legendary Italian brand Ferrari not only continue to create traditional sports cars that use gasoline engines. Italians have charted for themselves several hybrid models. The company’s future will be “tantamount to its past,” said current president of Ferrari John Elkann.

The future and in particular the nearest, for the Italian brand Ferrari, certainly, seems bright, especially according to its leaders, said at the event Day Capital Markets. According to the company’s current strategy, from now until 2022, it is called, that it will throw all its forces into the creation of electrified hybrid models. It is reported that by 2020 the share of hybrid cars in the company will reach 60%.

In addition, the engineers of the automaker will create “an advanced assistant when driving a car” – apparently it is a question of an autonomous management system. I must say that this step was quite predictable, given the current trends in the current automobile world.

And here, the company Ferrari hopes to maintain its individuality. Unfortunately, all the details could not be heard. It remains only to wait a little or a lot until the guys from Ferrari finish all the work on the creation of this autopilot.

Judging by the published development strategy, Ferrari plans to present a total of 15 brand new models by 2022. It is noteworthy that among these new products there is also a Ferrari Purosangue crossover. According to the plan of the brand management, the model line will be divided into several categories – Sport, GT, Special Series, and Icona.

Representatives of the category Sport will be the now available models 488/488 Spider, 812 Superfast and a completely new model with an average engine location. The category GT will be represented by sports cars with 4 seats. Special editions of cars that are included in the first 2 categories will receive a prefix to the name of the Special Series. Well, the Icona family will only include exclusive versions of the serial models, which will be released in a limited edition.

Not so long ago, we wrote that the Ferrari 488 Pista coupe remained without a roof and “dropped” 20% of its weight.