Ferrari presented a poster dedicated to the Grand prix of the USA

Ferrari presented a poster dedicated to the Grand prix of the USA

October 31, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Ferrari team is preparing for the Austin race, where last year, to everyone’s joy, Kimi Raikkonen won a beautiful victory, and this preparation affects not only the purely sports sphere.

The team presented a poster dedicated to the upcoming US Grand Prix: on it we see the car of Scuderia, which rushes through the streets of night Austin – on the poster it is depicted passing under the bridge on Congress Avenue.

The author of the poster is Italian artist Lorenzo de Felici, who received a specialized education at the Roman school of comics. His fame has already crossed the borders of his native Italy, he has already fulfilled orders of the American company Walt Disney, and also painted illustrations for books by French authors.

One glance at the new Ferrari poster is enough to make sure that the author is professionally savvy: do not you think that the appearance of Austin in the picture is somewhat reminiscent of the mythical Gotham City from the Batman epic? However, it is not surprising, because the artist’s imagination transferred the effect to night time, and there really is a lot in common between the cars of modern Formula 1 and Batmobile.