Ferrari presented a new serial model GTC4 Lusso T 2017

Ferrari presented a new serial model GTC4 Lusso T 2017

September 24, 2016 0 By autotimesnews

The Italian sports car manufacturer showed serial version the long-awaited news Lusso. The car is notable for being the first turbocharged and four-seater from Maranello company. GTC4 Lusso occupy a niche in the lineup, which remained for the Ferrari FF.

A few days later the four seater model Ferrari GTC4Lusso T will appear for the first time on the catwalk of international motor show in Paris. Already anticipating the excitement from the participants of the forum and the media. Ferrari – brand, which itself focuses. His machine – is always a challenge, outrageous, huge interest of the public, so if you want, show, bright, colorful, light.

The appearance of the letter T in the title indicates that under the hood of a sports car instead of the usual 6.3-liter twelve-aspirated engine is now turbo. To be precise, it is borrowed from the model Ferrari California T 3,9-liter 8-cylinder turbo. However, it boosted from 560 to 610 hp (760 N ∙ m) for Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T. Seven-speed selective  robotized transmission with two clutches, although it remained the same, but has undergone a small improvement.

Also, the car has lost 4RM wheel drive system, which made it possible to lose those extra 50 kg of weight, and now the vehicle weight is 1740 kg. To overcome the first hundred car spends 3.5 seconds and accelerates to 320 km/h. All-wheel drive modification Ferrari GTC4 Lusso with 680 hp twelve-cylinder overcomes the first hundred by 0.1 second faster and maximum speed in her 15 km/h more. Despite the slightly worse dynamics, improved efficiency. Fuel consumption is now 11.6 liters per hundred kilometers, against 15.3 liters in GTC4 Lusso.

Among other changes should be noted modernized skid Side Slip Control monitoring system. As well as all-wheel drive modification turbomodel is fully controlled chassis with thruster by a few degrees of the rear axle. Unfortunately, the Italians do not report Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T price, although it is clear that the car will be cheaper than all-wheel drive modifications, which will be produced in parallel with the new. But, judging by the fact that an increasing number of models of Ferrari acquires turbo engine, the era of the classic twelve-aspirated coming to an end. And it is possible that the successor to Ferrari GTC4 Lusso, which will be released in a few years, generally will not have in its arsenal the atmospheric engine. However, this also applies to other Ferrari models.

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