Ferrari patented a unique center pillar for the windshield

Ferrari patented a unique center pillar for the windshield

December 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

This design is made in the spirit of F1, and the automaker has big plans for it. They are going to use the new part when creating future models of the Italian brand.

A patent filed by an Italian automaker with the US Patent and Trademark Office describes a structural support extending in the center of a windshield. Something similar can be seen on F1 cars, writes It is known that the patent contains information about two different solutions. The central pillar can be installed externally in front of the windshield or between two separate windshields – the driver and passenger. It is suggested that the wipers be hidden behind this central pillar to improve aerodynamics.

At Ferrari itself, a key role in the design is assigned to their new development. With its help, the brand plans to reduce the width of the front pillars of the car. In addition, the new support will help direct air into the cab, allowing the use of a rear-mounted air conditioning system.

To solve the visibility problems caused by the presence of a central “pillar”, Ferrari will provide an external camera system. They will record everything that happens in front of the car and project the picture on the windshield.

 The new design can be used on machines with a fixed top or folding. There is no absolute certainty that the new architectural solution will debut on production cars with foreign experts yet. However, they agree that if the patented design goes into production, the appearance of Ferrari cars will radically change.